Productions and filming

Productions and filming

Catering for productions and filming

Discover our fully customizable options for work days in
productions and shootings, choose from our combos and add what you like, all our
options are served in 100% recyclable materials.


Enjoy our catering service combos for productions and shootings with different complements to customize it according to the needs of the moment.

Enjoy our catering for productions and shootings

Servicio de catering para producciones y rodajes

Start the day with a breakfast that will not leave anyone aside

Servicio de catering para producciones y rodajes

Continue with our lunch box so that your encouragement do not drop during the day

Servicio de catering para producciones y rodajes

Coffee and beverage service throughout the day

If you can dream it
We can do it

When you trust Dini Catering you have gastronomic consultants focused on
understanding the purpose of your company to project it in each of your events or
meetings through a catering service.

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