Our team

“Love, professionalism, passion and commitment are part of our way of working.

DINI Catering is more than a catering; we form a young team, we offer the best of us to capture the personality of each unique and unique client. For all those events that require our impeccable service, we adapt instantly: we have no limit to what you need; we adjust to any challenge and always combine the essence of our catering with what you want to see, feel and show.

Our mission is to capture the illusion of our customers in the details of the event and achieve a Dinilicious experience for all attendees.”


We believe in traditional well executed cuisine and we like to innovate with top quality raw materials that guarantee a result that leaves a memory on our palate.

Personalization of
every event

We like to break down barriers and we believe that each event should look like its creators and because every person is a world, we think that every event should be the same, we face every challenge without strict formats, letting our imagination fly.


We are a young and flexible company that believes in forming teams with all the components of an event, so we want to listen and understand our customers, in order to guarantee their success in the event and thus create long-term relationships.

Agility and efficiency

We know that time is valuable and we don’t like to wait for an answer, with us you will always have a quick and adjusted response to what you are looking for. No matter the inconvenience, we will always look for the best solution.