This manifest reflects the soul of Dini Catering,
the pillars that move us day by day in the search
of your wellness and our environment´s.

Our mission is that each event remains in the memory of each guest and helps to project the values that represent you.

We design catering proposals and services aligned with a sustainable identity, supported by our Eco Catering values, which go beyond a catering service for events. We want to transmit the values that identify your brand so your environment perceives it, you are recognized by them, and your events or meetings are seem as a part of your sustainable branding.

We want to be the most trusted catering company in Catalonia, whose corporate purpose is in line with the care of our ecosystem.


Through transparency in our work, our clients convey their concerns and problems to us with confidence, because they know that we will manage it as if we were part of their team and we will take care of their image and brand as if it were ours.


In each service, we do not stop until the client is satisfied, as we are committed to a well done job.

Excellence and Personalization

In continuous search for excellence, we offer a premium experience that adapts to the needs of the client and their guests.

Respect for the enviroment

Create a more productive and pleasant work environment at home, promoting care for the environment and aligning it with the identity of your company in all your catering services.

If you can dream it
We can do it

When you trust Dini Catering you have gastronomic consultants focused on
understanding the purpose of your company to project it in each of your events or
meetings through a catering service.