Who are we?

Who are we?

¿Quiénes Somos? Dini Catering es gastronomía creativa.

We are Alessandra and Julio, in 2015 we decided to partner and create our own identity: creative gastronomy.

During the first year we began to work with companies to cover the needs of events and meetings with catering services. The team grew as Dini Catering got bigger.

The first years of experience allowed us to grow as a company and see closely what business are like when they have the opportunity to make themselves known through catering events. At most events, guests are fed, but any company was dedicated to take advantage of those moments for something else.

Unlike other catering services, at Dini Catering we have opted to add a different value to the catering experience: transmit the values that really represent the brands to connect more with their customers or even with their own staff.

Based on this approach, we have developed our catering proposal based on sustainability and concern for the environment. We have established business relationships with local food producers, as well as using only recyclable materials throughout our service presentation process.

In this way, Eco Catering was born, a more complete vision of a traditional catering service, where we don´t only work to carry out a communication and impact strategy in all of your brand’s events, but we also provide each of our events its own entity, with a message of sustainability and commitment.

Today we have fed more than 200,000 people during the last 5 years in different formats of catering services. Our clients feel comfortable with the result of the catering service they receive and we are pleased to help them in their strategy to develop their corporate identity.

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