Companies such as Nike, Unilever or Nestlé increase
their value by incorporating sustainable practices in
their daily operations.

Transmit the values of
your company in your events
thanks to Eco catering

"Have a social business purpose
and demonstrate it through your corporate actions
is a different factor against the competition "


What does eco catering mean?

For your

Always project the same
message, aligned with the
care for the ecosystem, reinforces
the most sensitive side of you
company and connects it more
easily with the heart
of your clients.

In your

Make your surroundings notice you.
Let the actions in each
event or meeting help you
transmit the values that
identify you.

In your own

Create a more productive
and pleasant work environment
inside your home, promoting care
of the environment and
aligning it with the identity of
your company in all
your catering services.

Our history

We are a catering company in love with the work we do. Is not about
only producing high quality events, our work goes further:
We are defined by giving the best of ourselves and capturing it in each breakfast,
cocktail, banquet or meeting, the personality of our clients. We achieve it
by offering a close and personalized treatment for each catering service.

Our Catering

At Dini Catering we align ourselves with the purpose of your company
to project it in each of your events or meetings.

Eco Catering Commitment

100% ECO

We balance the carbon footprint
by planting a tree with each
order placed

More than 100 companies trust Dini catering

If you can dream it
We can do it

When you trust Dini Catering you have gastronomic consultants focused on
understanding the purpose of your company to project it in each of your events or
meetings through a catering service.