6 Types of corporate catering services in Barcelona

Business events tend to take place at different times of the day and for different reasons. The catering service in Barcelona, everyday more, assist companies in holding their corporate events.

It is necessary to offer a catering service at the beginning, in a break, or in the course of any business event to entertain the attendees and to avoid that the activity becomes monotonous or boring.

There are several formats of corporate catering in Barcelona, depending on the reason, time or location in which it is going to take place, so we will see below the most required formats by companies in this community.

Corporate coffee break

Coffee Break is one of the preferred services of the corporate catering in Barcelona . It consists in offering breakfast in the break of; a training course, a meeting or even for just the company team.

Breakfast is the most relevant meal of the day. It activates us and provides energy to carry out the day with enthusiasm, hence the importance of being able to have a healthy menu in the morning.

During the cofee break it is customary to have coffee, chocolate, tea and natural fruit juices, accompanied by freshly baked sweet and salty pastries, yogurt or a healthy fruit salad.

Pica pica corporate

Pica Pica’s catering, which is usually requested by most companies in Barcelona, is a variety of very healthy finger food-style snacks, to be shared at informal events with small groups of employees or clients.

Finger food snacks are usually both sweet and salty, with the particular characteristic of being made to be eaten with the fingers, without using cutlery and so that they can be eaten in a single bite.

Servicio de catering pica pica en Barcelona

The gastronomy professionals of catering in Barcelona are experts in making varied and exquisite finger food appetizers with very creative presentations, representative of international cuisine, to delight all tastes and dietary requirements.

There are many formats of finger food appetizers in the Pica Pica style catering in Barcelona, such as canap├ęs, skewers or dips, to mention some of the best known in this famous style of informal food.

Catering para eventos corporativos

Cocktails and corporate banquets

Cocktail Catering is used for afternoon / evening events where guests are offered a wide range of canapes that are placed on service tables, following a menu-like order.

A short or extended cocktail, with delicious appetizers, is often highly requested by catering companies in Barcelona by the business sector, to interact with new clients and discuss ideas and corporate projects.

When it comes to a celebration with all those who work in the same business field, the best thing is a good banquet. This format requires a more formal protocol that the ones explained above.

It can be a lunch or dinner banquet and they are served in spacious spaces where guests, after the cocktail, sit at tables where the waiters serve the different dishes.

The Classic Banquet is the most complete service that catering companies in Barcelona usually offer to the corporate sector as it consists of an aperitif and a full menu (starter, main course, dessert and coffee).

The attention of a catering company in Barcelona guarantees the enjoyment of all the members of the company, as they are served by waiters directly at their tables, while they enjoy the entire audiovisual event that is offered to them.

Corporate Lunch Box

Many entrepreneurs spend the day attending long meetings with clients or with their work teams, a practical, quality and customizable option is the corporate catering lunch box. Ideal for conferences, trainings, courses and employees in general.

The corporate lunch box service ir formed by personalized menus, individually packaged, to serve people who are working and cannot attend a dining room due to lack of time or because they do not have one near the place where they are.

Servicio de Catering Lunch Box

The lunch box is an informal type of catering, designed for breakfasts or lunches of food and light drinks that are comfortable to consume. It is generally made up of a starter or salad; a sandwich, a drink, a fruit or a sweet.

This format is quite useful when employees have to move from one place to another, which is why it is in high demand from catering companies in Barcelona to provide food to those attending conventions or excursions.

Team Building activities at Dini Catering

Corporate Team Building

Cooking with co-workers is an excellent Team building format to enjoy together with catering experts in Barcelona, since they have the necessary experience to guide the entire activity successfully.

There is a variety of gastronomic Team Building activities that catering companies in Barcelona know how to organize for work groups. Its main objective is to improve coordination between all participants.

The gastronomic Team Building is an ideal activity to carry out in the framework of a business meeting. Strengthens the relationship of integration with those who come from outside. It shows the local gastronomy, an experience that helps to understand the culture of the place.

Some gastronomic Team Building activities consist of simulating the activity of a restaurant. Other formats are more playful, such as recipe contests or gastronomic creativity contests, seeking to stimulate competition strategies and reward teams.

During the event, the group enjoys learning in the kitchen of the place chosen by the catering experts in Barcelona. The sessions are directed by specialized chefs and coaches to achieve the best final result.

Catering for
productions and filming

For the long days of production and filming where the work groups have a few minutes to eat, the catering professionals in Barcelona have designed varied and practical lunch box style food combos.

All the staff will feel well cared with the appropriate menus to their diet in these combos of the catering service for productions and filming with different complements to customize it according to the needs of the moment.

Productions and filming for companies
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