Corporate catering service: Everything you need to know

Corporate catering service: Everything you need to know

Servicio de catering empresarial

In the information age, where both knowledge and misinformation abound, it is crucial to distinguish between the two, especially when it comes to organizing corporate events. A corporate catering service is not only a gastronomic solution; it is a key piece to guarantee the success of your meetings and corporate events. From Dini Catering in Barcelona we have designed this article to clarify all your doubts about corporate catering, ensuring that the food at your event will be memorable.

What is a catering service and what does it include?

A catering service is a comprehensive offer which not only encompasses food preparation and presentation, but also a range of additional services that may include space decoration, furniture rental, service personnel, and menu customization to suit the dietary needs and preferences of the attendees. It is a complete solution for any event, providing culinary experiences ranging from full banquets to light hors d’oeuvres, all tailored to the corporate atmosphere.

What is the best corporate catering service in Spain?

Deciding which is the best corporate catering service in Spain is subjective and depends on the specific needs of each company. However, the best service will be the one that manages to balance quality, flexibility, innovation and sustainability, offering personalized menus, attention to detail and options adapted to different diets and preferences, thus guaranteeing the success of your event.

Preguntas frecuentes sobre el catering

Frequently asked questions when contracting a corporate catering service

When planning a corporate event, the choice of choice of corporate catering is crucial to ensure is crucial to ensure its success and the satisfaction of the attendees. Many companies face doubts and questions when contracting a catering service. Our goal is to simplify this process, ensuring that your event stands out for its quality and professionalism in the catering service.

1. Why hire a corporate catering service?

Hiring a corporate catering service not only ensures high quality food for your events, but also reflects the professionalism and image of your company, enhancing the overall experience of your attendees.

2. What are the types of corporate catering?

The choice of corporate catering varies according to the event, including coffee breaks for meetings, brunches for morning events, buffet lunches with variety for large groups, gala dinners for formal celebrations, and cocktail parties for networking. Each option is tailored to the time, purpose, and desired ambiance, offering everything from light snacks to full meals, with a focus on interaction and dining experience.

What is a coffee break service?

The coffee break is a short break in meetings or conferences where drinks and light snacks are served to revitalize the attendees. Coffee breaks offer a selection of hot beverages such as coffee, tea, and sometimes cold drink options, accompanied by light snacks and sweets.

How is it calculated and how many types of coffee breaks are there?

The calculation of coffee breaks is based on the duration of the event and the number of attendees. The main types of coffee breaks are: Basic (coffee, tea, simple snacks), standard (variety of snacks, fruits, yogurt), gourmet (gourmet products with healthy options) and themed (based on specific themes with dietary adaptations). The choice depends on the event, preferences and budget, ensuring options for all diets.

Servicio de catering pica pica para empresas

5. What is a pica pica catering service?

The “pica pica” catering service is a style of food service designed for informal and social events, where the priority is interaction and free movement among attendees. This type of catering is characterized by offering a variety of bites and appetizers that can be easily consumed standing up and without the need for cutlery, thus facilitating conversation and networking.

6. How much does the pica pica catering cost and how does it work?

The price of pica pica catering varies according to food and quantity, it is ideal for informal events or as an addition to large events. In the case of Dini Catering the pica pica service for companies ranges between 18,50€ and 22€ per person, with a minimum of 15 people. Minimum orders are 150€ on weekdays and 500€ on weekends, including transport in Barcelona. Assembly and disassembly are not included.

What is the lunch box service for companies and what does it include?

The corporate lunch box service offers individually packaged meals, ideal for events with time or space constraints. It usually includes a main dish (such as sandwiches, salads, wraps), side dishes (fruits, vegetables), snacks, a dessert and a beverage. It is designed to be practical and safe, adapting to different tastes and dietary needs, facilitating distribution and consumption at corporate events.

What does the banquet service include and what is the price per person?

The banquet service for events includes starters, main courses, desserts and beverages, offering a sophisticated culinary experience. The price per person varies according to the menu, number of guests, additional services and location of the event. Costs can range from economy ( 25-50€) to luxury (+100€) per person, depending on the quality and services included.

What is sustainable catering for events and what does it include?

Sustainable catering is a catering service that reduces the environmental impact of events, using local, seasonal and sustainably produced ingredients. It includes practices such as minimizing waste and using eco-friendly kitchenware. It offers customized menus, sustainable beverages and promotes sustainability awareness, supporting the local economy and reducing the carbon footprint.

What is team cooking for companies?

Team cooking is a team building activity that brings employees together to cook together, fostering collaboration, communication, leadership and creativity. Divided into groups, they prepare dishes in an environment of friendly competition, improving team cohesion and soft skills. This fun and educational experience breaks the work routine, increases motivation and contributes to well-being, reinforcing the importance of teamwork and effective communication.

Ventajas del servicio de catering empresarial

Advantages of catering services for companies

Corporate catering can transform your events, offering professionalism, customization, convenience, variety and efficiency for a positive impact on your brand and attendee satisfaction. Below we highlight its main benefits:

Professionalism and refinement: Reflects a positive image of your company.
Personalization: Menus adapted to dietary needs and preferences.
Convenience: Eliminates the worry of planning and executing food service.
Variety: It offers multiple culinary options to satisfy all attendees.
Efficiency: Optimizes time and resources, so organizers can concentrate on other aspects.

Incorporating quality corporate catering into your events not only ensures an exceptional culinary experience for your attendees, but also contributes significantly to the success and perception of your event. Choosing the right service that understands and aligns with your company’s values and objectives is critical to creating memorable events that reinforce your brand and foster business relationships.

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