6 Classic Wedding Banquet Times

6 Classic Wedding Banquet Times

After the wedding ceremony, it is time to leave the solemnity behind and start the celebration. In order for the bride, groom, family and friends to make the most of every moment of the wedding, it is crucial to adhere to the“banquet times” established by the caterer.

Meticulously organizing each phase of the event ensures that everything runs smoothly. From the reception and cocktail reception, through the banquet, to the wedding cake, the toast and the opening of the open bar, every moment has its place.

In this article, with the expertise of Dini Catering Barcelona we will address some of the most frequently asked questions that brides and grooms ask when planning their ideal wedding. We will address a wide variety of frequently asked questions, from “What is the classic banquet” and“How to organize the timing of a wedding“, to “What is the wedding reception” and “How to invite someone to the wedding”.

These queries are common and crucial to understand“what are the stages of the wedding“, “what is included in the banquet” and “types of wedding banquets”. Let’s get started!

Qué es el convite de boda y cómo invitar a alguien a tu boda

What is the wedding reception and how to invite someone to your wedding?

The wedding reception is an event full of love where you share your joy with loved ones. Invite in detail: include names of the bride and groom, place, time and date of the ceremony and celebration, as well as a contact for confirmations.

Create unique invitations that reflect your history and affection, including all the essential details of the event. Invite your loved ones to share and witness your love on a memorable day. Make your wedding an unforgettable celebration for everyone!

What is the classic banquet and what are the types of banquets?

The classic wedding banquet is a formal celebration where guests enjoy an elegant meal, served in several courses. This type of banquet favors personal interaction and creates a distinguished atmosphere for the occasion.

There are several types of wedding banquets. The buffet style allows guests to choose from a variety of dishes arranged in seasons. The cocktail bar offers snacks and drinks in a more free-flowing atmosphere, while the family style places dishes in the center of the table for sharing, creating a warm and welcoming environment.

Cómo se organizan los tiempos en una boda

How do you organize the timing of a wedding?

Organizing the timing of a wedding begins with defining key moments: ceremony, reception, banquet, and party. It is crucial to establish a detailed timeline that includes times for each activity and smooth transitions between them.

The 6 times of the classic wedding banquet are essential to maintain the flow of the event. It begins with a welcome to guests and the bride and groom, followed by cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Then, the main banquet, the cutting of the cake, the toast to the bride and groom, and finally, the dancing and the open bar.

Coordination with vendors and the venue must be made to ensure that all aspects work according to the itinerary. In addition, it is useful to have a plan B to handle unforeseen events without disrupting the flow of the event, thus ensuring that everything runs smoothly. We will now go into more detail about these classic banquet times.

Tiempo de bienvenida a los invitados y los novios

1. Welcome time for guests and bride and groom

At the end of the ceremony, the wedding catering service welcomes guests with a selection of refreshing drinks, colourful cocktails and a water and lemonade station. This moment serves not only as a warm welcome to the celebration, but also as an opportunity for family and friends to gather, chat and get to know each other better before the bride and groom join them to formally begin the reception.

Tiempo del cóctel y aperitivos antes del banquete

2. Cocktail time and appetizers before the banquet

After the ceremony, guests are welcomed with a cocktail reception and hors d’oeuvres, designed to be a delicious introduction to the main banquet. This moment not only whets the appetite with light meals and refreshing drinks, but also provides a perfect opportunity for guests to socialize and the bride and groom to interact informally with their loved ones.

For about an hour, the waiters present a variety of culinary delights that satisfy without being too filling, preparing everyone’s palate for the feast that follows. This time is also ideal for capturing candid shots with the bride and groom, ensuring that all the moments leading up to the reception are fondly remembered.

hora del banquete de la boda

It's time for the wedding banquet!

The crowning moment arrives: the wedding reception. The bride and groom, in collaboration with the caterer, carefully select a menu that usually includes a starter, main course, dessert and selected beverages. where each dish must not only be exquisite to the palate but also a visual feast that complements the elegant decor and centerpieces.

The banquet menu should be considered and adapted to the healthy eating trends and specific dietary needs of the guests, including options for children, seniors, allergy sufferers and those with dietary restrictions due to religious beliefs.

It is vital that each selection is memorable and enough to energize the guests, preparing them for the celebration and the dancing that continues late into the night.

Momento de cortar la tarta

4. Time to cut the cake!

The cutting of the wedding cake is one of the most emblematic and emotional moments of any wedding. This act is not only romantic and fun, but also symbolizes the union of the couple. Traditionally, the cake makes its appearance accompanied by a meaningful melody for the bride and groom, who decide the exact moment and theme of the cake.

Following the usual protocol, the cake is cut at the end of the banquet, after the main courses are removed and just before the party begins. This act marks the transition to coffee and dessert, anticipating the beginning of the celebrations and dancing.

Tiempo de brindar por la pareja nupcial

5. Time to toast the bridal couple

After distributing the cake as a symbol of union and shared happiness, it was time for the toast. This is usually done with cava, champagne or a sparkling wine, just after cutting the cake and before starting the dance. During the toast, glasses are raised in a brief speech honoring the bride and groom and wishing them a joyful future.

It is essential to make sure that all guests have a glass in hand to participate in this significant event. Generally, the best man is the one who invites those present to listen and make the first toast, marking a highlight of the celebration.

Momento del baile y la barra libre

6. Time for dancing and open bar

After the toast, the long-awaited moment of dancing and the open bar arrives, culminating the wedding celebration with a full-fledged party. This segment allows guests to freely enjoy a variety of beverages and is one of the highlights after the banquet.

Although the open bar and the banquet are different services, they are often provided by the same catering company and can be contracted by the hour or by quantity of drinks. The open bar is commonly chosen on an hourly basis, where the bride and groom select certain alcoholic beverages available for the guests to order their favorite cocktails from the bartender.

To complement, some companies offer a variety of sweets during this time, perfect to recharge energy and continue enjoying until late at night, dancing to the rhythm of favorite music thanks to an excellent sound and lighting company for weddings.

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