3 Reasons to carry out Gastronomic Team Building activities

Motivating employees with gastronomic Team Building activities is an excellent way to obtain greater productivity in the work team, since by knowing each other better and interacting, a more effective result can be achieved.

Cooking with your co-workers is a fabulous team building format to enjoy with your colleagues. catering experts in Barcelona , since they have the necessary experience to guide all the activity successfully.

There is a variety of gastronomic Team Building activities that catering companies in Barcelona know how to organize for work groups. From a Mediterranean cuisine team building to a delicious cocktail team building.

Whichever kitchen team building is chosen, the important thing is to highlight the main reasons why they are very useful as an activity for the construction of a work group.

Catering for Team Building activities

Improves coordination between
the work groups

The gastronomic Team Building activities are designed by catering experts to promote teamwork and cohesion among participating workers. Its main objective is to improve coordination between them.

With the Team Building activities, in the kitchen, relaxed moments are created outside the workplace and this helps to reinforce personal relationships between everyone, in addition to strengthening the feeling of belonging to the organization.

The gastronomic Team Building is an ideal activity to carry out in the framework of a business meeting. Strengthens the relationship of integration with those who come from outside. It shows the local gastronomy, an experience that helps to understand the culture of the place.

Great learnings when
you work as a team

Some gastronomic Team Building activities consist of simulating the activity of a restaurant, from the design of the menu, the purchase or selection of ingredients, to the setting on the table of all the service and its tasting.

Other formats are more playful, such as recipe contests or gastronomic creativity contests, seeking to stimulate competition strategies and reward teams. But always with the benefit of obtaining a goal with shared effort.

Gastronomic Team building activities

During the event, the group enjoys learning in the kitchen of the place chosen by the catering experts in Barcelona, situations typical of the gastronomy business, playing roles, applying strategies and achieving objectives.

The sessions are directed by specialized chefs and coaches to achieve the best final result. Chop, cut, boil, fry, etc. and each member of the team chooses the role they want to play or where they have the most skill.

Team Building activities at Dini Catering

Greater motivation in
group work

Eating is always a meeting point, a space to share opinions. According to the schedule and the selected dishes, you can enjoy the menu that has been cooked, in the form of lunch or dinner.

Being in a relaxed environment, outside the workplace, where fun is the main ingredient, produces the ideal moment for colleagues to get to know each other better, interact and even develop new interpersonal bonds.

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